Tianjin cable plant first factory(Headquarters)

The phone company:0316-5962565/0316-5962658

The company by fax:0316-5962862

League Department People:BiJingXuan ( Mr )

Mobile phone number:15075601499

The mailbox:1399834853@QQ.com

The company address:At home-Langfang city, hebei province dacheng county

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The first factory in tianjin cable factory2001In the first passISO9001:2000International quality system certification。Communication cable has the tyr product certification certificate issued by the certification center。2002In our factory production of flame retardant communication cable,Through the national coal safety signs office conditions of enterprises must review performance test and product safety。Get inMAt the beginning of a new modelMASign the certificate。Sales production of various kinds of flame retardant communication cable、Mine communication cable,Mine explosion-proof signal cable,Flame retardant signal cable、Mining flame-retardant control cable,Flame retardant communication cable、Mine cable、Mine communication cable、Mine explosion-proof signal cable、Mine communication cable...

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League Department People:BiJingXuan
The phone:0316-5962565
The phone:0316-5962658
A mobile phone:15075601499