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Qingzhou poly hong environmental engineering co., LTD

Address:Qingzhou eastern suburb

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Qingzhou poly hong environmental engineering co., LTD The main production of filter press、Belt type filter press、Vertical filter press sludge treatment, etc,Sludge dewatering,Sludge solidification equipment。
The company is located in the east suburb of qingzhou,Is the press filter、Mineral coal preparation equipment、Tailings dry line of new technology and complete sets of equipment,Mine water treatment equipment、Environmental protection equipment、Sludge filtration pressure filtration equipment、Mining vibrating screen、High frequency sieve dehydration、Feeder、Belt conveyor、Bucket elevator and other engineering equipment design、Manufacturing、Research and development professional company,Transmission technology、Science and technology innovation、With advanced design level,For customers tailored professional equipment manufacturing。

A mobile phone:15966150666 15315366077

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Sludge treatment|Sludge dewatering|Sludge solidification|Qingzhou hong sludge dewatering equipment

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Our country building materials using the main problems existing in the application of sludge
According to the domestic and foreign sludge resource analysis and research of the development trend of building materials,Can be thought of the sludge burning products will be unclean The direction of the mud building materials recycling is very important。Sludge disposal method to use building materials,No matter from the Angle of technology and from Angle of environmental protection Into account... [Detailed content]